Overall Vision of KAN AFRICA is to have a thriving and growing Network in Africa that will minster to the whole man in a holistic way through: educational training, counseling support, and medical assistance. With annual meetings in both the USA and Africa, KAN Leadershift Advance and KAN annual summit(s) in various African nations will create an established presence in the African region.
Kingdom Apostolic Network Africa (KAN AFRICA) is a network that shares the same mission, vision and core value as KAN USA. This is a network of  men and women of God who have connected their ministries to a network that is first and foremost built on relationship. Relationship building is at the heart, leaders seek to strengthen one another so that as a body they can establish the kingdom of God in the earth. A synergistic network provides the support that ministries need to stay committed and be effective.
Bishop Daniel S. Cunningham
Presiding Prlelate of KAN