Bishop John and Mary Kimathi,
Christo Church

Representative of KAN Kisumu, KENYA
KAN exists as “relational and functional” basis.

·Relational means communion (coming together).
·Functional means doing (being engaged in the work).
KAN AFRICA’s purpose is to consistently maintain a presence for leaders and ministries to be trained and developed by global and local resources to enhance ministry in community work in their respective region.

KAN AFRICA will seek to expand partnership and covenant relationships with Kingdom minded ministries through the schools of ministry and strategic events in the region. 

KAN AFRICA will be connected to our school of ministry, Kingdom Empowerment Institute (KEI), for leadership training in order to receive certificates, consecration and/or ordination.

KAN AFRICA has the same mission, vision, core value, benefits and membership protocols as KAN USA.

Bishop-Elect George and Elizabeth Kennedy,
Dominion Chapel Church,

Representative of KAN Kisumu, KENYA

Bishop Edwin and Phaustine AgogoBusia Gospel Centre in Busia,
Representative of KAN Buisa, Kenya

Rev Charles Ragot
The Empowerment Center

Representative of KAN, KENYA